About me

Welcome to my site. My name is Kseniia, but many people know me under my nickname Rosalie. I live in Crimea. My life is not different from lives of millions of people. I finished school, then University. 12 years ago my life change dramatically during my vacation. It was coming to an end, the weather was great, and I spent days laying on the beach and swimming in the ocean.

In one of the beautiful days, I decided to go to ride with friends. In the evening, when we were coming back to the hotel, we got into a terrible accident.

I came home myself injured, but in few days I got an infection and lost my leg,allmost completely, It may sound strange, but I didn't feel too bad about that and worried. I simply learned to walk on crutches and then on the prosthesis.

Now I walk on crutches again and don't use prothesis.

I accepted my new body, love it, and continue living full and interesting life and I wish the same to you.

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